How to install a theme

In order to install a theme to your Open edX you need to do the following:

  1. Choose a theme and copy-paste its branch name. You are going to put theme branch name into the script.

  2. Go to your Open edX server via SSH. Make sure you use fullstack version. 

  3. Run the script 

  4. Enjoy the new awesome look of your Open edX =)

Everything else the script will do for you.

Now let’s do it step by step.

Step #1

Choose a theme. You can try the themes on from the home page. Or you can find the available themes and their Open edX version from the list below:

  • Open edX Dogwood fullstack version

  • Open edX Eucalyptus fullstack version

Step #2

Open Terminal and go to your Open edX server via SSH by running a command:  ssh is an address to your server

Step #3

Run these commands one by one:

git clone

cd themex_script

./ marvel-yellow-theme-eucalyptus ‚Äč

marvel-yellow-theme-eucalyptus - is the name of the theme branch taken from the Step #1

Step #4

As we mentioned before that's the time to enjoy! Go and check how awesome your Open edX looks like. Please feel free to customize your theme.

Please note: Your edx-platform repository should not have any uncommitted changes for updating a theme. 

Check out our FAQ section if you faced any issues during installation. And if you have some questions please contact us, we will be happy to be helpful!