Theme: Marvel Blue

Author - RaccoonGang


This variation of the Marvel theme for Open edX platform is a bit more contrast because of the deep dark background and bright blue menu. And this makes it look totally different. If the blue is not your favorite color, take a look at the Marvel Yellow theme. 

Cross Browser

The theme is tested on Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera and Firefox. Please help us to improve, contact us if you find any issue or inconsistency. 

Customisation Tips

After installation do not forget to change the logo, favicon, links to the social networks, contact and about information to your own. 

Use bright and vivid pictures for the Course Image to keep the new design attractive. 


 Press the 'Demo' button in the top of the page to see what is themed and how the theme looks like on the real Open edX platform. 

Free Image

The image included in the theme is free and you can use it within the theme for commercial use.